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Product demos to attract borrowers & convert opportunities into closed loans    

In today’s competitive mortgage environment, lenders need strategies and solutions that will make them stand out, attract potential borrowers, and quickly convert opportunities into closed loans.

See Ellie Mae Consumer Engagement™ in action & get your questions answered in these upcoming product demonstration webinars, where Ellie Mae experts walk through exactly how our solutions help loan officers close more business.
On-Demand Consumer Engagement Product Demos:    
Encompass® CRM - Marketing Automation Software

Get an in-depth view of Encompass CRM to see how you can leverage over 500+ campaign templates to generate leads, build relationships, grow faster, and stay compliant.

  • Deliver messaging tailored for your customers and referral partners from our customizable content library
  • Easily set up recurring, targeted, and personalized campaigns to existing and prospective customers
  • Provide current borrowers with personal, customized loan reviews and payment strategy reports

Featured speakers
Stephen Conradi, Consumer Engagement Sales Manager at Ellie Mae
Elizabeth Udziela, Solutions Specialist at Ellie Mae
Velocify LeadManager® - Lead Management & Sales Automation Software

We’ll walk through Velocify LeadManager, the only solution that integrates texting into a unified, multi-channel sales engagement platform. Discover how this solution helps high-volume sales teams increase lead response, improve engagement, prioritize sales communications, and customize workflows.

  • Automate triggers and workflows so your team never forgets to contact prospects
  • Enable immediate follow-up via phone, email, or text message
  • Ensure pipeline accuracy with real-time reporting & analytics

Featured speakers
Stephen Conradi, Consumer Engagement Sales Manager at Ellie Mae
Alex Popoff, Solutions Specialist at Ellie Mae
Encompass Consumer Connect® & Velocify LeadManager - Point of Sale & Lead Management Software

Did you know that almost 50% of online mortgage applications are abandoned? Our experts will show you how Encompass Consumer Connect & Velocify LeadManager create the ultimate method for ensuring follow-up on abandoned online applications to capture business that would otherwise be lost.

  • Empower borrowers with an easy-to-use online application
  • Deliver an out-of-the-box mobile responsive design
  • Securely upload and eSign documents to process loans faster
  • Enable instant engagement between loan officers and borrowers through phone, email, or text

Featured speakers
Stephen Conradi, Consumer Engagement Sales Manager at Ellie Mae
Robert Cooper, Solutions Specialist at Ellie Mae
Encompass Consumer Connect® - Point of Sale

Today’s borrowers expect an engaging and mobile friendly online experience. Are you delivering? Join our solution experts for a product demonstration of Encompass Consumer Connect and learn how you can give borrowers what they are looking for. 

  • Easy-to-Use online application for every borrower
  • Instant  engagement between loan officer and borrower
  • Seamless mobile document uploading and eSigning 
  • Increase your online brand presence with a customized interface and templates
  • Built in security and compliance
  • Direct integration with Encompass
Featured speakers
Stephen Conradi, Consumer Engagement Sales Manager, Ellie Mae
Benjamin Schor, Senior Solutions Specialist, Ellie Mae
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